Experimenting With Stripes


The design for this poster came from a large stripe that I've been working on....a stripe big enough to cover the side of building. I was curious to see how the stripe would work when it was scaled down and repeated in a slightly different way. I kept the screen print colors simple - just black and white. I especially like the poster that has the triangles leftover from last week's prints.

GriffinMade has an Etsy Shop

While some items appear on both websites, the GriffinMade Etsy shop features very limited runs like the "STRIPES ONLY" collection. This collection is made up of striped scarves sewn as giant tubes. The scarves can be worn several different ways depending on your preference. They are all made from remnant fabric and come with a set of rubber rings which are by-products of skateboard wheel manufacturing. Hop over and take a look.