Sacramento Display Case

Public Art

Design, fabrication and installation of Los Angeles County’s Display Case at the State Capital Building in Sacramento. In collaboration with the Los Angeles County Arts Commission and the Chief Executive Office, 120 unique images and facts were selected for the display. The work is meant to convey the diversity and scale of Los Angeles County’s population, culture and natural landscape. Since the display case is fixed with access from the front only, the design encourages viewers to move around and explore the images from multiple angles. The 850 images along the wall are snapshots of Los Angeles’s desert, beach, forest and mountains.¬† All photography by Izzy Schwartz Photography.

Commissioning Agent : Los Angeles County Arts Commission
Client : County of Los Angeles – Chief Executive Office
Title : This is Los Angeles County
Medium : 2D Visual Art
Material : Printed Images, Powder Coated Steel and Painted Acrylic 
Completion: Winter 2016